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"Nunchaku Bob"

Shihan Bob McCormack 8th Dan


His classes are held every Tuesday between and 9.30 pm at Anerley Town Hall, Anerley Road A214 London SE20 8BD.Contact for Anerley Town Hall is 0208 676 5666

Great classes, good atmosphere, You get a chance to spa safely Nunchaku V Nunchaku. Value for money. Formalities respected here but you can still let your hair down, if you have any! Do not except any cheap imitations, this is the real thing, not to be confused with any local clubs of a similar name but without the heritage, this is most definitely the class to go to in this area of London and the South East. Check the class out soon if you have an interest in Karate And Nunchaku.

Contact Sensei Bob McCormack 8th Dan or Telephone 0208 778 3126, please visit his website but comeback soon! Zenshin Budo Kai

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nunchaku classes, instruction, training with martial arts weapons

nunchaku classes, instruction, training with martial arts weapons

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