Neo Sport Nunchaku Club

Traditional and Modern Nunchaku Tuition

Teaching freestyle nunchaku and Sport nunchaku-do with a foundation in traditional styles. We cover traditional techniques drawn from Fumio Demura Shihan, Arakawa Busen Shihan and others, Katas inspired by Masters Bruce Lee and McCormack Shihan and a Kata from Fumio Demura Shihan, NEO mordern two hand and one hand exercise techniques, Blocks, Locks, Strikes, Swings, Circles Eights. Sport Nunchaku-Do.

Shortly About Us

Teaching freestyle modern and traditional Nunchaku techniques
We endeavour to teach the many aspects of Nunchaku in manner that hopes to Gel these components into a fluid yet reactive freestyle. With a focus on techniques and the exercising of the basics to strengthen the whole. Focusing also on movement which can get neglected along with the left hand techniques if you are a right hander and vice a versa.